Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's a boy! (23 weeks as of yesterday!)

So as my father has graciously reminded me several times (love you Dad! :-), I am a little late updating this to post the sex of the baby. We found out almost a month ago that we are indeed having a boy! So John Charles, or Charlie, it is! We are grateful to be able to name our firstborn after both of our fathers as our prayer is that we will see the same dedication to God in our son as we have seen in both men.

Lately we have been registering at Babies R Us, Target, and Burlington Coat Factory. We're going with a blue, green, and brown theme with monkey accents for his room. Our neighbors blessed us with a crib and glider for the room, so it is already starting to look like a baby's room! I've begun working on a wall hanging -- definitely a work in progress, but looking good (I think) so far! So far, this is what I have, but I would like to add some colors/patterns to the green part so it doesn't look so plain. Another idea was just cutting out the letters so the piece of paper doesn't look so awkward over the blue fabric (which is actually silverware-drawer liner). Ideas are welcome!
Oh, and here is the picture of my parents' faces when we told them we're having a boy!

They are excited to have a grandson! :-)

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