Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Blog

Hello, world... or whoever is reading this... Welcome to my first blog since high school, when I wrote about petty high school things. As such, I'm really not sure what to talk about... My mom-in-law made the suggestion that I start a blog when I got pregnant, so maybe I will write about being pregnant. As of today I am thirteen weeks and five days along. In the past couple of weeks, the nausea has significantly subsided (thank God!), most of my energy has returned to me (i.e., I can run more than one errand a day without falling asleep in the entryway at Target -- another story for another time), and my belly has begun to grow (making me look fat, not pregnant). About three weeks ago we got our first ultrasound done, and the baby looked like a teddy graham (very cute). We have names picked out already (to be honest, I've had names picked out since I was fifteen): John Charles for a boy, after my husband's father, and we will call him Charlie after my father, and Evelyn for a girl... though we haven't found a middle name yet. Or should I say, we haven't agreed on one. I thought Evelyn Hazel sounded precious, but Mike didn't like it. He suggested my first name -- Margaret -- but my name reminds me too much of that bossy girl on Dennis the Menace. Anyway, I would like a more princess-y name, somewhat unique, long and flow-y. If that makes any sense. Any suggestions? Bonus points if it starts with an E, because then her initials would spell "Eep!" and I think that is cute. Well, nothing else really to report; I suppose this concludes my first-ever, hopefully non-petty, blog entry. :-) Adios!


  1. Thanks for starting the blog -- how fun to hear life from your perspective. Guys talk about such.... impersonal stuff. I'm glad you are feeling better. Love, Mom/Marnie

  2. A middle name that starts with an 'E' ... How about Evelyn? then her name could be Evelyn Evelyn Pickering. That way, if she doesn't like her name, she could just use her middle name, oh wait, that is her middle name. Ha, that'll teach her to flout her parents wishes! Seriously, Grace might be a good one. Elaine is an 'E' name. Ooh... what about Ester? Or you could use Eunice... No, that's too weird. You could also just go through your pantry and look for words that start with 'E'. Like Eggs. Well, now that I've been so incredibly helpful, I let you ruminate on my suggestions.

  3. Evelyn EasterEgg Pickering. It's settled, then.