Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long time, no blog!

Bath time! 3 1/2 months

So to anyone who actually reads this sorry little blog, you may have noticed that I have been quite the slacker lately! Charlie is FOUR MONTHS old today, and I have posted ZERO pictures of my sweet boy! It certainly has been crazy around here since he was born. We've traveled with him several times, and he has proven himself to be a good traveler. Some other things of interest...

...when he was three weeks old, I started him on an every three hour feeding schedule during the day. People literally screamed at me to "never wake a sleeping baby!" but I ignored them and persisted in waking him up during the day if he was sleeping during scheduled feeding time. Much to my delight, he stared sleeping six or seven hours a night a few nights after that! I'm glad I put little to no faith in old wives' tales...

...Charlie is quite the little talker! He loves to coo and giggle at people or even inanimate objects. Just this morning we had a good five-minute conversation consisting of the vowels "oooohh" and "aaaahh".

...I have unfortunately had to quit breastfeeding. I had a sinus infection, so my doctor prescribed some medication that dried me out quite a bit. Since I went off the antibiotic, I've been trying to build my supply back up, but I am afraid he isn't getting enough, so I decided to just go to formula so I can know exactly how much he is getting to eat.

...a few days ago, Charlie found his feet!

...when we took him to Chicago, we stayed in a hotel and he went swimming. He loved it! My dad held him belly-down, and he kicked his little legs and flailed his little arms like he knew exactly what he was doing. We will have to take him to the pool more often!

Well those seem to be the highlights so far. It certainly has been a blur! Hopefully I will be less of a slacker from now on...

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