Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tummy Troubles and Ticking Time

Poor Charlie has been having bowel issues lately. :-(

Last night we took him to the ER because he had been constipated all night, and finally I gave him some apple juice. The apple juice loosened him up, but there was a LOT of blood in the diaper! Sooo long story short (and hopefully less gruesome), we spent six hours in the ER to finally find out that the blood wasn't a concern and that he should have formula with no iron in it for a little while. Whew! I am tired and cranky today, but very grateful that my sweet boy is okay.

Last night in the ER, I thought back to the last time he was in the hospital... his birth! It made me think about how little he was only four months ago, and I cannot believe he has grown so much since then. His little face has filled out, and his bright blue eyes are always alert and looking around. He is four inches longer and six pounds heavier. People told me when I was pregnant that he would grow fast, but I thought they only meant the time would pass quickly (which it does)... I didn't think that he would literally grow fast! It is a joy to watch, though. He is always chewing on his hands or clumsily trying to grab something to put in his mouth. Many times when I change his diaper, he'll try to grab my whole arm and eat it!

Life goes by much more quickly for us as well. I can't help but think about eternity. We are on this earth for so little time, and each of us will die someday and face God. When I was a teenager, I felt like time passed by so slowly and it would be forever before I even got married and had children. And now, here I am! I used to dread getting wrinkles and gray hair, but now I am almost excited for these signs of aging that will come in the next few decades -- they mean one step closer to heaven! How awesome it will be to see Jesus face-to-face and spend eternity worshiping Him! My prayer is that I will keep this perspective as I go throughout life and learn to lay up my treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal.

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